Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector (FMCG) has emerged as the most popular industry of choice for the 2009 batch of management graduates in the latest Nielsen Campus Track–B School Survey. Management Consulting (35%), Software/IT Consulting (23%), Foreign Banks and Retailing (both 22%) join FMCG as the top five most popular sectors for students, reflecting a changed order of preference, on the tail of recent global financial turmoil.

According to the Nielsen survey, the “Dream Company” for students includes the likes of McKinsey & Co, Google, HUL, Accenture and P&G, and their most admired role model was Ratan Tata - for more than one in four (27%) students surveyed.

In its ninth year, the nielsen Campus Track-B School survey gauged students’ perceptions of companies and their considerations as they evaluate prospective employers. 1,311 soon-to-be graduates from the top 40 management institutes were interviewed.
“Preferences seem to have shifted in favour of large business conglomerates and the IT sector as a consequence of the current global financial turmoil. In particular, students are opting for FMCG companies over the financial sector,” said Vatsala Pant, Associate Director, The Nielsen Company. “Indeed, considering the current financial job market, the security offered by the FMCG industry has become a major attraction for graduates.”

Industry of the future

A sector showing greatest promise for the future, Retailing tops the list for 30 percent of students. Other industries that feature in the top five industries of the future are Management Consultancies (27%), Entertainment & Media (25%), FMCG (21%) and Investment Banking (19%) .
“The retail industry has been growing in popularity with graduates over the last few years. Changing government policies and the influx of foreign banners in the sector, along with the entry of big Indian banners, etc. have combined to form a strong pull for the industry,” said Pant.

Drivers of choice

Amongst the various factors considered by students before joining a company, personal growth and independence in decision making topped the list. The other factors that emerged as ‘very important’ for students before zeroing in on a company are take-home salary, reputation of the company and flexible working hours .
The average salary expectation of students from their “Dream Company” is rupees 14 lakhs this year although more than half the respondents have mentally scaled back their expected salary because of the recent financial market environment, particularly those specializing in Finance.

Reasons for moving on

According to the Nielsen survey, graduates tend to stay in their first job for two to three years and expect to move on in search of better career options (65%), better salary/ better designation (40%). Interestingly, 17 percent of students expect to move out of their first job to pursue higher studies. Students from premier management institutes are less disposed to pursue higher studies.
“While the demographic profile of students has not changed dramatically, over the years their expectations from a prospective employer have become sharper. For example, these days, the fact that an employer offers flexible working hours might drive choice in their favour,” said Pant.


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